Placing a towel ring in the right location can significantly enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Knowing where to put a towel ring ensures that your towels are easily accessible and that the bathroom space is used efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best places to install towel rings, taking into consideration different bathroom layouts, types of towel rings, and practical tips.

Ideal Locations for Towel Rings

Beside the Sink

One of the most practical locations for a towel ring is beside the sink. This placement ensures that you can easily reach a towel after washing your hands, minimizing water drips on the floor. For a hand towel ring, the height should be approximately 48 inches from the floor to the center of the ring, making it convenient for users of all heights.

Near the Shower or Bathtub

Placing a towel ring near the shower or bathtub is another excellent option. This location allows you to grab a towel immediately after bathing, enhancing comfort and convenience. Ensure the towel ring is installed high enough to keep the towel dry but within easy reach.

On the Side of a Vanity

If your bathroom has a vanity, consider installing the towel ring on the side of it. This placement keeps the towel within arm's reach while keeping the wall space free for other fixtures or decorations. Make sure the towel ring does not obstruct any drawers or cabinet doors.

Behind the Bathroom Door

For bathrooms with limited wall space, mounting a towel ring behind the door can be an efficient use of space. This location keeps the towel out of sight when the door is open, maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. However, ensure the door can still open fully and that the towel ring does not cause any obstruction.

Above the Sink

In cases where wall space beside the sink is unavailable, installing the towel ring above the sink can be a practical alternative. This vertical placement saves space and keeps the towel within easy reach. Ensure the ring is not too high to prevent difficulty in accessing the towel.

Types of Towel Rings and Their Placement

Bathroom Towel Ring

A bathroom towel ring is versatile and can be used for both hand towels and larger bath towels. Placing it near the sink or shower ensures maximum convenience. When selecting a location, consider the overall design and flow of your bathroom to maintain a cohesive look.

Hand Towel Ring

Hand towel rings are specifically designed for smaller towels used for drying hands. These rings should be placed near the sink for easy access. The ideal height for a hand towel ring is around 48 inches from the floor, but this can be adjusted based on the users' preferences.

Black Towel Ring

A black towel ring adds a modern and stylish touch to your bathroom. Its sleek design works well against light-colored walls or tiles, creating a striking contrast. Position a black towel ring where it can stand out as a design element, such as beside or above the sink, or near the shower.

Command Towel Ring

Command towel rings are an excellent choice for renters or those who prefer not to drill holes in their walls. These adhesive-mounted rings can be easily installed and removed without causing damage. Place a command towel ring in a convenient location, such as near the sink or shower, to make the most of the available space.

Practical Tips for Installing Towel Rings

Use a Level

Ensure your towel ring is installed straight by using a level during installation. This not only improves the aesthetic but also prevents towels from slipping off unevenly.

Wall Anchors

If you’re installing the towel ring on drywall and not hitting a stud, use wall anchors to ensure it’s securely attached. This will provide the necessary support and prevent the towel ring from coming loose over time.

Consider Accessibility

Think about the primary users of the bathroom when deciding on the height and placement of the towel ring. For children’s bathrooms, place the towel ring lower for easy access. For adults, sticking to the standard height of 48 inches is generally advisable.

Maintain a Clean Look

Avoid placing the towel ring in locations that might lead to a cluttered appearance. Keep it away from areas that are already busy with fixtures or decorations. A clean, minimalist placement will enhance the overall look of your bathroom.


Determining where to put a towel ring involves balancing functionality, space efficiency, and aesthetics. Whether you choose a bathroom towel ring, hand towel ring, black towel ring, or command towel ring, proper placement can significantly enhance the convenience and visual appeal of your bathroom. By considering factors such as proximity to fixtures, wall space, and user accessibility, you can find the perfect spot for your towel ring, ensuring your bathroom remains both stylish and practical. Follow these guidelines to achieve the best placement, creating a well-organized and elegant bathroom space.